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This is Step 1 in the 3 step registration process to be a Flea Market Seller for the 2020 Flea market at Creative Escape.

This is not refundable. I understand that by purchasing this product, I agree to the terms below.

Flea Market  Saturday, August 15 10am to 5pm             Sunday, August 16 10 am to 3pm

Seller Contract

Please make sure that you read the rules carefully. They help us make an accurate accounting of your merchandise. We will not be able to accept merchandise if it is not prepared properly.


  1. Register as a Seller on CreativeEscapeLG.com I understand that there is a non-fundable $20 participation fee. I will receive payment for my items in the form of store credit certificate (less 20% commission). I will pick up my certificate starting on September 16, 2020 unless.
  2. I have filled out the google form at www.tinyurl.com/FleaMarket2020 and requested my seller code.
  3. I understand that my registration is not complete until I turn in a signed copy of this contract in person or via mail. Once my contract, payment and google form have been received, I will be contacted by Creative Escape with my official Seller Code. See pdf of contract here.
  4. I understand that items to be sold are restricted to embellishments, scrapbook materials, stamps, stamping supplies, totes and books/magazines.  All items are sold at the discretion of Creative Escape.
  5. I understand that all items must be packaged securely. This is as much to keep people out, as keep items in, the package – please use lots of clear packing tape (no staples), even on Ziplock type bags. Stamp sets, miscellaneous products (ink pads, etc.) should be placed in plastic bags and taped shut.  Containers holding stamp sets must also be taped shut.  Any items with blades must be heavily secured.  Papers and stickers should be placed in groups in clear bags and taped shut. Single sheets of paper and stickers will not be accepted. Creative Escape will not accept items that are not packaged securely.
  6. I understand that items can only be dropped off during the drop off window listed below. I will bring my items in disposable bags or boxes, sorted by type. Fore example, all paper will be on bag/box, all stamps in another.  Creative Escape is not responsible for returning your containers. If my items are not sorted at drop off, I will sort them on site or Creative Escape will sort them for me for an additional 5% commission, for a 25% total commission kept.
  7. I will make a list of items and prices; this list will be dropped off with my merchandise and will be kept by Creative Escape.  Make an extra copy for yourself. This list may be as detailed as you would like. I understand that prices will not be lowered during the sale and cannot be sold if price falls off. 
  8. The Flea Market is not intended for dealers. I understand that if I bring several new items that are identical, I may be classified as a dealer and therefore be ineligible to participate.
  9.  I understand that all supplies must be marked with my seller code and price. I will follow the rules below:
    1. The last digit of all prices must be a 0 or 5.
    2. Codes and prices must be computer printed or typed using upper case, block style letters only. Please use at least a 12 point font. 
    3. No Items with Handwritten Codes or Prices will be Accepted.
    4. Price tags must be placed on top of all items in the upper right hand side.
    5. It may be necessary to cut a smaller tag for smaller items. 
    6. Firmly attach all tags with clear packing tape (keep in mind this is like a rummage sale).
    7. The only information on the tag should be your 2 letter code and price. Use a separate label for any other information, such as description of contents, you may want to include. 
    8.  I will pick up my unsold items by August 26th or they will be donates. Creative Escape is not liable for any lost item.

Dates to Remember:

July 27th – August 8 Drop off items

August 15th & 16th Sale Days

August 21–25 Pick up unsold items

August 26th All unclaimed items will be donated

September 16th Pick up payment. I will not be called.

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